Immunotech Laboratories BG announced successful completion of ITV-1 clinical trials on HIV/AIDS patients

Research Center:
Department for treatment of acquired immune deficiency at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Infectious And Parasite Diseases – “Prof. Ivan Kirov”, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Testing on human-volunteers, with HIV/AIDS, in whom ITV-1 has shown to be harmless, without any side effects, good tolerance, and a good treatment effects. The clinical trials on 50 patients suffering from HIV/AIDS was applied. Two courses of 16 injections on each patient have been shown:

  • Complete lack of side effects
  • Good tolerance in all patients
  • Improvement of the immune status
  • Decrease in the viral load
  • A good treatment effect on opportunistic infections
  • Very good compatibility with all of the other modern antiretroviral drugs.


The full and detailed clinical trials Final Report will be ready very soon.