About Us


The basis of Immunotech’s scientific discoveries is the research of Harry H. Zhabilov who worked in the laboratory for years, alongside his father Dr. Harry Zhabilov Sr.
During his lifetime, Dr. Zhabilov Sr. was one of the leading research scientists at the Bulgarian Academy of the Sciences. He conducted several laboratory studies exploring the manipulation of the human immune system, specifically targeting HIV/AIDS, and investigating alternate approaches to treatment of diseases.

• Harry H. Zhabilov holds a degree of B.S and M.S in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He is a member of ACS, ALCHE.

• Harry H. Zhabilov collaborated with his father on all facets of research over a span of several decades. This research was not only limited to the laboratory but also extended to involve various experimental tests and trials on human subjects. Harry H. Zhabilov who was named as co-inventor of his father’s work was very much involved in the research conducted with the Thymus Nuclear Protein (TNP), and continues his father’s research with the immune system, and was able to discover the next tier of immunomodulator compounds, which are the integral and core therapeutic platform of Immunotech Laboratories’ treatment modality.

• Harry H. Zhabilov’s new tier of product(s) is centered with his patent of Irreversible Pepsin Fraction (IPF). It is believed that IPF is the actual isolated key to the modulation of the immune system, a substance that is both more effective and far less expensive to produce than prior technologies.

• Inventor of IPF, which was granted by the US. Patent Office as of January 20, 2009, under patent number 7479538. Zhabilov is also the inventor of several other patents which are currently pending.

Immunotech Laboratories strives to become a leader in immuno-therapeutic treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and other immuno-related disorders.